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Captain Dan and His CatchContact Us


If you have any questions, if you wish to inquire about charges, or if you wish to learn more about our trips and charters, please use the form below. Before using this form, you should consult our FAQs list first.

Prefer to Call?

If you prefer, you are welcome to call us to ask any questions. Captain Dan may be reached at (231) 730-2991 while Captain Isaac may be reached at (231) 730-0421.

Ready to Reserve a Trip?

On the other hand if you are ready to reserve a trip, do not use this form. Instead use our Online Request Form. NOTE: Using the online request form does not guarantee your trip. We will call you to confirm your request.

If you prefer, you may reserve a trip by calling Captain Dan at (231) 730-2991 or Captain Isaac at (231) 730-0421.